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​​"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind."                       -Henry James

I believe that we are capable of MUCH more than we ever think possible.

I believe that our physical bodies are, for most of us, the easiest way IN to the rest of the shells of being- and therefore a NECESSARY point of focus on our path to waking up. 

I believe in compassion first, always.

I believe that a teacher should show you the path, but that we have to walk it alone, every single day, with our actions and our words.

I believe there are many ways up the mountain, and different paths need different tools. One side of the mountain might be really cold and snowy, covered in ice. One might be smooth and grassy. One might be bumpy and rocky.  And yes, it might be really hard to see the other side of the mountain from where we stand. I would guess its MUCH easier to see all of the mountain from the top.  But clearly some paths need walking sticks and sandals and others need crampons and picks, and all of these things help those people find their ways to the top. Judging people on the way up, or saying other ways are nonsense or useless is only going to slow other people down, or stop them from climbing at all. 

I believe we are LIMITLESS

Alex Rosenblum 


​ACE Personal Trainer

Certified Plant-based Holistic Nutritionist


The first yoga training I ever completed was my 100 Hour certification with Grounded Kids Yoga, under the founder, Amy Haysman through which I obtained my 100 RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance.

After that I completed my first 200 hour Teacher Training (and gained my 200 RYT) at Johns Creek Yoga under Sheila McVay (Kripalu Lineage,  Hatha Yoga).

I completed a second 200 hour Teacher Training in Dorje Yoga (in the lineage of Universal Yoga) with Jessie Fletcher at James Yancey Yoga. 

I have trained for over 600 hours with Lama Andrey Lappa, the founder of Universal Yoga, completing all 3 levels of Universal Yoga Teacher Training (including 100 hours in Kathmandu, Nepal). I am  a certified Universal Yoga Teacher, and through his training completed my 500 RYT certification with Yoga Alliance in Universal Yoga.

I am certified E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance and also YACEP (Continuing Education Provider), meaning my workshops can get you continuing education credit if you are a yoga teacher- ask about individual workshops for details.


I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor and a certified Personal Trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise).

I hold numerous specialized training modality/method certifications including certification as a Total Body Tabata™ Instructor, a certified TRX Trainer, and a Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility Specialist.

I am also a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist in the BioMechanics Method.

I am also a certified Holistic Nutritionist through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals Association).

Additionally, I have completed a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell's Center for Nutrition Studies.